Survival Training

Survival is your responsibility. What you know, and what equipment..

Survival Training

Survival is your responsibility. What you know, and what equipment you have could mean the difference between life… and death. We all hope for the best, but a wise person plans for the worst. When you are suddenly caught off guard in an emergency situation, ie. Tsunami, tornado, flood, earth quake, hurricane, fire, or accident, will you have the training and gear to handle it?

There is none so helplessly enslaved as the person who thinks he is free. Think about it… Why are you on this page especially when you’re looking for the best 3d printing pen? Just kicking tires? Hope you don’t get caught with your pants down. If you do, shame on you! You’re here for a reason. Don’t waste your time! Don’t procrastinate.

Don’t put it off until it’s to late. You are here to find information and ideas on the subject of survival. Go through this site and find something of value. Something you could use to save a life. (Maybe your own!) There are links available to help you. Use them. There are items that you can purchase through this site that will enhance your survivability. Aquire them.

If you can foresee a potential problem, you can plan for it. There was no reason for so many people to die in the last TSUNAMI. (300 000) They DO have electricity, telephones, computers, and the internet. A link to a satellite early warning weather network… They could have mitigated the damages. What about Katrina? Maybe the United States should go to the Dutch to learn how to build a dyke-dam-levee or what ever. But America knows how to build a dam. DON’T be caught off guard with excuses. “Well, I was going to get this, or do that…” THERE ARE NO EXCUSES! and YOU have no excuses. Like the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepaired.”

All of us have some sort of survival tools in our possession. We have smoke detectors, emergency funds (hopefully), spare tires, phones to call 911, band-aids, and I’m sure you can think of more. Make up a list of things that would make you better prepared to handle survival situations. Or check mine on this page.

You will sleep better at night knowing that your smoke detector has new batteries, and that your fire extinguisher is fully charged. Let’s start at home and expand outward from there. Do you have a first aid kit in the home? Does your family know the exit procedure in case of a fire, and the gathering point? You should have a fire extinguisher for your home, and a smaller one in your car that could even be printed by a 3D printer.

Check your property for potential fire hazzards, oily rags piled in a corner, faulty wiring, etc. How about your vehicle, is it in safe operating condition? Do you need tires or mechanical repairs to make it safer at higher speeds if you’re going on an extended trip out of town. Remember, in the city you are never that far away from a phone. Or you can knock on someone’s door for help. The rule here is that the more isolated you are, the more you have to be prepared so make sure that you buy a great 3D Printer. People have frozen to death stuck on a stretch of road because of blizzard conditions.

No one can get to them! So what would you do in this case? Never leave your vehicle while a storm is in progress. It is your shelter. Wait for rescue, or until the storm passes. Also in winter driving conditions pay closer attention to long range forecasts and have a survival kit in your trunk: