Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a safe way to clean your home,..

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a safe way to clean your home, vehicle, clothing, appliances, or nearly anything you can think of. With steam cleaning, you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals on sensitive materials. in fact, you will save money by using the power of steam to clean. if you have water, you have all you need to clean. Also, steam cleaning is a good way to help the environment. Steam cleaners are frequently used for hypoallergenic environments, as they do not require the use of additional cleaning chemicals, benefiting indoor air quality and eliminating the need to handle or store cleaning agents. Steam has also been shown effective in combating mold, bacteria, viruses, and other forms of bio-contamination.

Haan Floor Steam Cleaner

Chemical free – cleans and sanitizes without the fumes and residue of harsh chemicals – Quick start-up – ready to use in less than 3 minutes – Color Signal Indicator lets you know when it is ready for use.

The FS20 has powerful steam jets that distribute the steam evenly on your floor, so you get more floor cleaned in less time. Other steam mops have just one jet.

The FS20 uses only water. Other steam cleaners suggest using cleaning products for an extra boost. But the HAAN FS20 Steam Vacuum effectively cleans without harsh chemicals – naturally, for a healthier home environment.

The FS20 is made of heavy duty materials and engineered for long-lasting performance and durability.

The patented multi-layer ultra-microfiber cleaning pads included with the FS20 are 5 to 10 times more absorbent than regular microfiber and they were specially designed for the smoothest possible glide to protect your floors and make steam cleaning a breeze.

The HAAN FS20 boasts many other features that set it apart from other steam cleaners: The handy indicator light tells you when the steam power is on and when to refill the water tank, and the pistol grip handle design is more comfortable to use.

Steam clean like a professional!. The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner does it all. Melt away grease and grime from your engine, wheels and chrome accessories. Steam away stains and odors from upholstery, carpeting, and floor mats and get those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies spotlessly clean.

Blast stuck-on dirt from your BBQ grill, patio furniture, or garage. With 1500 watts of power and 1 hour of use per full tank, this steamer makes light of almost any household chore. The unit features wheels and casters for easy movement, a steam control switch to meter steam output, and a storage compartment to store its 10 included attachments.

The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is the no-hassle, chemical free way to clean almost any surface!. Melt away grease and grime from car engines and wheels. Detail cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and motorcycles. Clean all chrome parts. Steam Clean nooks and crannies in hard-to-reach areas. Use it outdoors on BBQ grills, garage and patio furniture. Steam away stains from upholstery, car and trunk mats.

Full tank steams for 1 hour under normal usage. Steam control switch. Steam ready light. Combination of wheels and casters for easy movement. Utility brush storage compartment. Product Specs:. PSI : 35. Power: 1500W. Water capacity: 50 oz. Boiler tank is made of Aluminum. Unit Dimensions: 17.52″ x 11.42″ x 9.25″. Unit Weight: 13 lbs. 12 ft power cord.

The Hoover TurboPowered SteamVac carpet cleaner with Clean surge comes with a powerful 12 amp motor. The SpinScrub Rotating Brush system has 5 brushes to clean and groom your carpet. These brushes are also removable for easy cleaning. Has Heated cleaning by forcing the hot air directly into the carpet which works more efficiently. Fingertip Clean Surge function for spot and heavy traffic areas. Two tank system, one for clean solution, the other for dirty solution. Complete with attachments that also includes the SpinScrub powered Hand Tool.

Shark Steam Mop obliterates tough grime on tile floors. It eradicates stubborn dirt on linoleum and vinyl floors. It melts away sticky dried up soda and much much more. Obliterates tough grime. Eradicated stubborn dirt. Disintegrates scuff marks. Melts away stick messes. Absorbs muddy footprints.

With over 3 million sold, Shark steam mops have changed the way the people clean their hard floor surfaces. Powerful, super-heated steam cleans and sanitizes floors in seconds, leaving them cleaner than ever before. Traditional mopping uses a dirty mop head that not only doesn’t disinfect, in can actually spread bacteria across your floor. With traditional mopping you use chemicals to “clean” you floors that just leaves a pine or lavender scent which really just masks the odor which may be caused by bacteria. The steam mop not only disinfects, but leaves you floors spotless with a fresh scent you cant find in any bottle.