Survival Training

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  • Survival Training – Water purification

    Water purification will be a greater and more expensive problem as the global population continues to rise. 90 percent of the worlds’ water is contaminated in some way. Biological organisms and chemical toxins increasingly contaminate our water supplies. These cause serious, and sometimes deadly illnesses. Biologically contaminated water can cause intestine infections. This can cause […]

  • Survival Training – Food

    MRES or meals ready to eat are just one of the different kinds of survival food available to you. I like MRES because there is variety in taste, require no preparation, and have a long shelf life. There are other forms of survival food, like dehydrated, freeze dried, and canned. WHY STORE FOOD? It’s your […]

  • Building Shelter’s

    First analyse your needs. You need protection from the cold, rain, wind, and sun. What materials are available? How long will you be needing shelter? You are in the forest. ( You shouldn’t be there without a good survival kit. It’s not like the city.) The more isolated you are, the more you have to […]

  • TomTom Trucking GPS Unit


    Navigation is a skill you will always need. Can you navigate if you don’t have a compass, or GPS? Can you find your way using the North Star? Before you decide to move, there are certain things to consider. It has been my experience that IF… you don’t know where you are, you won’t know […]

  • Survival Training – Knives

    What happens if, for any reason, you suddenly find yourself stranded or hurt in the middle of nowhere. Is the water safe? Can you build a shelter? Can you get food? Do you know how to navigate? Do you have a knife? What could you do…? Knives are important tools for survival. What kind of […]

  • Survival Training

    Survival is your responsibility. What you know, and what equipment you have could mean the difference between life… and death. We all hope for the best, but a wise person plans for the worst. When you are suddenly caught off guard in an emergency situation, ie. Tsunami, tornado, flood, earth quake, hurricane, fire, or accident, […]